December 17, 2012

THE good, bad, & ugly

Let me tell you...being engaged is super cool. Like so cool! It's basically the same as dating except we spend our time planning things for our wedding and using fancy words like fiance.
Super cool. 
But hey...not all blissful... 
(like spending thousands of dollars on wedding food kind of non-blissfulness).
What the crizapp?!

So far, wedding planning has been good...bad....and ugly.
So without further ado...


We went to register and scanned the crap out of all the stuff at Target.
But B wouldn't let me scan food.
I dunno why...having food to eat is just as important as owning a spatula in my humble opinion.
So if you're at a loss as to what to get us for our wedding...
peachie-O's are my favorite candy and I can live off Kraft Mac & Cheese for a solid month. 

We also went to a little food tasting for reception stuff. 
If free Magleby's isn't good...I dunno what is. 


This is me at the Doctors for my pre-marital exam.
Nuff said.


You should have seen us on Friday.
7 hours of solid wedding planning did. us. in.
'Ugly' pretty much sums it up.
Don't get me wrong, all this wedding stuff is bomb! I'm loving it.
But 7 hours of anything isn't healthy.
Not healthy at all.

But hey, great news!
B and I have been trying to go see the lights up in Salt Lake for 3 years now.
Seriously, it never worked out.
But this year we finally made it.
Can I get a who-rah?!

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  1. What great memories you'll have to look back on! Spencer was in South Africa when it was time to send out what felt like 1000 invitations. Guess who did that, and most everything else :)? I love you. Enjoy it. It only happens once.