December 9, 2012

THE story.

Hey kids!
Riki and Blake here.
Great news...
We're engaged!
Aaaaand we're here to tell you the story.
HER side and HIS side. 
So we go!

The whole week before I came home from Romania...B was being so sketchy! Whenever I asked what he was doing it was always "stuff." or "nothin." or something like that. Supes sketchy.

K yeah sketchy. Whatever. I would say more like, like.. Well I don't know, but not sketchy. I just had a sweet proposal plan and I didn't want her to know about it. My plan was to deck out this old rustic barn and just make it look super cute. You know, gotta create a nice environment for her. So like the hardest part was finding a dang barn. I would drive around for days looking for the right place. Finally I found out about the place. It was perfect. So I measured out how many lights I would need to light up the place and off I was to Lowes.

You see....just busy doin' "nothin".
I got home from Romania on Sunday night (best night of me and B's dating life, FYI) and Blake told me we were going on a date the next day. He said he had a study group from 3:30 to 5:30 and would be at my house to pick me up afterwards.

Yeah definitely wasn't at a study group. After three days of setting up the barn I still had a few last minute things to do.  So my brother and I went straight to the barn to finish setting up. I was getting super antsy and nervous. 

I got a text from B at 5:45 telling me he was running late.

Setting up took longer than we thought. 

And then a call from him around 6:00 telling me that he was outside my house.
Look at my man...being all gentleman like and calling me to tell me he was here for our hot date. What the heck?!

I wasn't really outside.

But his friend Eric was.
We got in his car and started driving away. We talked and laughed as if nothing was out of the ordinary...clearly avoiding the MAJOR elephant in the room. 
AKA: Why the heck was he driving me around and where the freak was B-dawg?!
Def. knew something was up. 

Meanwhile I'm back at the barn freak-a-leakin! It was all set up and ready to go, but I was pacing like a fool waiting for her to arrive. I was checking and checking and re-checking and re-checking everything to make sure it was perfect. Holy freak I was nervous. I don't know why, I mean, I knew she was going to say yes but I was going crazy. I told Eric to text me when they were 1 minute away and after what seemed like an eternity I finally got the "almost there" text. AH! Got in position and waited...

After driving way in the heck out to Mapleton, Eric finally pulls into this empty, black field. I was supes confused at what was going on. But as soon as he put the car into park, I see all these lights go on. When I looked over at them, I see a huge barn all lit up. There are white Christmas lights all over, wrapped around poles, and draped across the ceiling. There are tons of pictures of me and Blake hanging from the ceiling, rose petals in a pathway leading to a big haystack with a huge "R + B" sign hanging down, and the most handsome boy dressed in a suit standing in front of the sign...holding flowers and smiling at me. My heart seriously started racing. I basically ran out of the car, walked up to him as fast as I could, and gave him the biggest hug. 

Finally I had her in my arms and was able to calm down. I was so happy! And she looked so good too. I had a song playing and we danced. She had been back from Romania for less than 24 hours and it felt so good to be with her. I love her so much. So we danced, but I don't know for how long. We were just so stoked to be together.  

Ya...who knows how long we danced for, or what the heck we even talked about. But I just remember being so happy and so smiley and thinking how insane it was that this was actually happening.

I told her how much I missed her and that I didn't want to have to miss her anymore.

His eyes got all watery :)

They didn't get watery. Maybe I was cold or something. Actually I think I got hay in my eye. Or now that I think about it, the lights were super bright and my eyes were sensitive.

He cried. 

K, this is lame because all of you that read this are friends with Rik and you're going to believe her over me.. But I didn't cry. Eyes may or may not have been watery though. But can you blame me??  Asking the most beautiful girl in the world to be your wife??? Intense stuff.

Anyway, the boy got on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of forever with him. I basically shouted "yes" and went to pull the ring out of box to put it on my finger.

I'm like dude let me put the ring on your finger, I bought it.  But pharell she was so excited and I was the happiest boy on earth.  

To be honest, the rest of the night is kind of a blur. It all seemed surreal! But B and I were on such a high. We couldn't stop touching, and kissing, and hugging, and talking about being married to each other. He's going to be my HUSBAND! That idea still gives me the butterflies, how in the world did I score Blake Sanford? I have no idea...but I seriously can't wait to be his wifey. 

All I have to say is that I'm glad I got her while she is young and doesn't know any better because I for sure don't know how I got her to say yes.  

So we're getting married!!! 

And here's some pics...what's a blog post without pics?!

 It wasn't much to begin with, but I had a pretty good vision of what I wanted it to look like.

 Stringing all of the lights was the longest part...
 I got so stoked when it started coming together.

 Just after she said yes, happiest moment ever!

Once you're engaged...PDA is totally acceptable. 

High fives for lovers. Holla!

B did amazing, right?!

 This was me just a few minutes before she got there making sure everything was ready.  I was so nervous!
He looks freaking gooooood huh? That jaw line...I die.

January 17, 2013
Save the date!

                          --and her lover boy!


  1. i just died a little bit. so happy for you!!!

  2. What a fun engagement story! Congratulations! You guys are such a beautiful couple!

  3. Hey girl, dont know if you remember me cuz its been so long but this story is SOOOO CUTE!! oh my heck. i love it! happy life together and congratulations!! being married is the best! :) take care!

  4. He is such a romantic! Congrats Riki! I am so happy for you both!

  5. I AM DYING. you guys are so cute and i just want to read this over and over again. AHHHHH i am in love!!! also i got teary just reading this, and you 2 are to DIE for.

    LOVE your blog and your sense of humor by the way :)

    xo, keena