December 27, 2012

THE progress report.

I don't know why people take 3+ months to plan a wedding.
B and I are over here chill. as. a. pill. while we plan a wedding in 6 weeks.
Chill as a pill?! My butt!
Things are insane over here!
We eat, drink, and breathe wedding plans.
For instance.
In the last 24 hours we have...

------>> Gathered addresses for wedding invites (when people say it's the worst part, they ain't kiddin!)                              
------>> Found and purchased accessories for my wedding hair.
------>> Had my last dress fitting for the wedding dress (I think I'm in love)
------>> Registered @ Bed, Bath & Beyond.
------>> 700 stamps? Purchased.
------>> Had our final interview for the temple (psst...I'm going through TOMORROW!!!)
------>> Finished designing our wedding invitations.

Getting stuff done kids. Getting it done. 

Loved how our engagements turned out. This chick is the shiz.

and HEY! Married in 3 weeks from today. 
Seriously can't wait to be a wifey to my handsome man.


  1. I follow your blog and insta and were not real life friends but I just wanted to say I think you are one of the kindest people and so blessed! Congrats on your upcoming wedding I am so glad you found the heart heavenly father linked to yours to share an eternity with!! You two are going to do some amazing things in this world and there after