December 11, 2012

THE ring.

I'm obsessed with my ring...I'm serious, I absolutely LOVE everything about it. 
Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted a solitaire, princess cut diamond. 
So when B and I were talking rings, I would occasionally see a ring that I liked that wasn't a princess cut, but found myself continually going back to what I have always wanted. 
Since B proposed the day after I got back from Romania, he had to get the ring all on his own. 
I gave him ideas about what I wanted, but left all the little details up to him.
Like always...the boy didn't disappoint. 

A solitaire, princess cut diamond is pretty common. 
Yes it's timeless and classy (which is what I love), but definitely not unique. 
So... I paired it with two other rings to add a little bit of personality into it. 
(B knew that I have wanted to do this for awhile and got a ring that is perfect for stacking...seriously, he nailed this you guys).
One ring is from a place near and dear to guessed it. ROMANIA!
And the other is my great grandmother's wedding band. 
Add these three rings together and you have some bling bling that I die over on a daily basis. 
It's seriously weird to see a diamond on my ring finger, but I'm loving every second of it. 
I love showing it off to peeps. 
I love that both B and I love it. 
And I love the boy who gave it to me.

So much love kids. 
It's outta this woooorld. 



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  2. It is SO beautiful! Can't wait to see it at Christmas!