May 4, 2013

Details of our home.

Today while I was waiting for B to come home from work, I found myself snapping pics of the love shack.
Since spring has sprung and it's finally starting to warm up,
I can feel my love for all things bright and flowery intensifying. <----- is that a real word?

 Nice dust on the table, eh?

No lie, I love coming home and opening the blinds to let the sunshine brighten up the house. 
Aaaand...there are dandelions covering our back yard. 
On the reals, I love them. 
I think they are so pretty. 
Pretty?! Pretty. 
Check it. 

And here's the outside of our casa.

 It's just a small little guy, but I love it too much. 
I love the weeds everywhere. 
And the dead bolt that's installed upside down.
And I love that there's no garbage disposal, doorbell, AC, dishwasher, and washer or dryer.
I also love that there's enough closet space to accommodate a 2-year-old's wardrobe.
And enough cabinet space to store maybe a weeks worth of food. 
I also love that the sidewalk that leads to our front door ends in the middle of our front yard before it even reaches the road. 

B and I love all the little weird quirks that make our first home together unique. 
We've had the best time fixing it up and making it a place of our own. 
I'm pretty positive the Love Shack days will be days that I'll always want to re-live and remember. 
Yup, they're that good. 

So anyway, that lover boy of mine pulled up to the house right as I was taking that picture up there. 
So naturally I had to snap a pic of him too...

Is he not the sexiest thing on planet earth?!
Gosh dang I love that man. 

So there you go...some decor, some weeds, some house issues, and a sexy man. 
All in one blog post. 


  1. Your house is so cute!

  2. Where did you get those pillows and curtains?!?! I have been looking for cute decor just like those!

    1. Hey baby! How are you and your cute family? Your girls are freaking gorgeous!! But I got the curtains and a lot of the pillows from Target, sweet, right?! I also got some pillows from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Pier 1. So go check em out...there's so much cute decorating stuff these days, I think I could easily spend a million dollars in just house decor. I freaking wish.

  3. LOVE your home! So cute! I love that the little quirks make it what it is.


  4. k i thought that first pic of your living room was off pinterest or something. no joke. so super cute. :)

    1. Haha thanks Jess! You're so sweet!

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and haaave to ask - where did you buy that rug beneath your coffee table/couch? Our apartment has the ugliest DARK GREEN carpet and I'm trying to find the perfect rug to cover it up...

    1. Hi Emily! It's from target, score right?! And hey...our carpet is dark green and ugly as well! The rug seriously looks great on it. It blends and hids the green like a champ! So check it out...and thanks for stopping by!