May 23, 2013

It's a disaster.

What do you get when you put two game loving individuals who love to win under one roof?
Better yet, what do you get when you marry them?
You guessed it,  Blake and Riki.
Aka: Mr. Competitive and Mrs. Competitive

And what do you get when the Mr. and Mrs. decide to play card games together until 1 a.m. on a Monday night?
Yup, Disaster.
I guess if we're gonna get technical here, it wasn't ALL disaster.
Like 3/5 fun and 2/5 disaster.

In an ideal world, game night would be 100% fun and 0% disaster.
Like, Lover boy would give me 12 kisses and compliment me on my speedy hands after I win.
And I, being the saint that I am, would fist pump those wins of his and reward his game playing skills with a 20 minute back massage at the end of the night.

However, somehow reality always trumps the ideal and intended congratulatory kisses turn into rage... and fist pumps turn into cards thrown on the table with a dramatic "GOSH DANG IT!!!"

And don't forget the all too common...
"You're such a freaking card stickler!"
and the,
"It's NOT a tie! You lost!"
and the,
"Whhhhyyyy are you acting like a crazy loco....I clearly won."

So you see, I'm torn.
We love games, and we love hanging out.
But we clearly love to win way too much and I can't decide if the resulted contention is worth it.

But actually,
right now I'm thinking about how satisfying and fun it is to beat that husband of mine in an intense game of speed.
And I'm starting to think that a little 'card game competition' never hurt anyone.
And I'm also thinking that until we have kids and we have to teach them that, "causing contention isn't worth winning a stupid game" and that, "being a nice person is more important than winning" and that, "winning a card game doesn't mean you're better than your opponent", and that winning in general is NOT everything...I'm going to continue to whip B's butt whenever possible, and deny him all fist pumps and back massages when he beats me.

And to finish off this post, a loving picture of B and I when we're not playing card games.

So here's to disastrous game nights and admitting the 235th flaw in our marriage on my public blog, lack of harmony and love during a game of 'speed'.

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