May 29, 2013

My last post as a 20-year old.

It's 11:58 p.m. on May 28th, 2013.
Aka: my last few minutes as a 20-year-old are spent writing this blog post.
My plans for tomorrow are pretty much a mystery, Lover Boy has kept it a secret.
I can't wait to tell you all about it though..
knowing that boy, it's gonna be a great day.
Heck, if I just got to chill with him for the entire first day of my 21 years, I'd be super happy.
And also, he said this to me today,

"I'm so excited to give you your birthday presents, but I'm starting to get really scared. Just know that all the presents I give you are just a representation of what you really want. They're just there so you have something that you can return for something that you love, do you understand me? Just a representation. Okay? You have to know that you won't hurt my feelings if you return what I get you for something that you love better. You know? Cuz. they're. just. a. representation. You got me, Rik?"

He's so funny.
In fact, he's out getting stuff right now. At midnight. For me. On my birthday.
Gosh dang, birthday's are the best thing!!!
And 21 will be great.
Not only can I legally consume alcohol, but I get to officially wear my birthday suit for my significant other.
Whoa Rik. Too much info.
Sorry, but now that I'm 21, I feel like I can say grown up and mature things like that.

And are we loving the new blog design?!
B pretty much hated my last one (the green, pixelated "on the reals" at the top, that is), and took it upon himself to help me fix it.
And since it's my birthday and all, it was the perfect time to finish it all up.
Yay for blog facelifts! And yay for a hubby that's tech savvy.
Can I get a "who-rah?!"
And you can add a "Happy Birthday, Rik!" in there if you feel so inclined to do so.

 photo signiture_zps547176c1.png


  1. ahhh i love the new design! imma steal that button of yours.
    oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! hope you have the best day ever!

    1. RY! B did all the design stuff on photoshop and I had to figure out how to do all the back end work for everything, aka: I basically live and died by your tutorials. Seriously such a life saver!! And I'm stealing your button as well :) Thanks for the birthday wish babeski!

  2. YOU. ARE. SERIOUSLY. TOO. CUTE!!! I love your new blog design :) And that hubby of yours, what a sweetie! Way to go for being an adult and saying "adult things"!! haha! Happy Birthday Rik!!! Much love to you, hope you have a wonderful day being with your love! :)


    1. Thanks Shio! My husband is soooo great and made my birthday fabulous! Thanks for the birthday shout out, you're so cute and your comment made me smile :)

  3. This is ridiculously cute. I LOVE your new design :) Happy birthday! I hope you have a super, duper awesome day :) Enjoy your first day of being an 'official adult'!

    1. Thank you! I had the best day ever. Being an "offical adult" is basically the bomb. Thanks for the birthday wish baby!

  4. whooo happy birthday dearest! hope it's filled with lots of cake and lovinnnn ;)

    1. Jess, Thank you!! It was filled with waaay too many goodies and tons of lovin :)