May 2, 2013

Moab wrap-up.

Some things you should know about our Moab trip...

1. My family loves jeeps and Moab. Seriously. I grew up with 3 jeeps parked at our house and one of them was lucky enough to have me as its driver all during my high school years. My dad used to compete hardcore in rock crawling competitions and it was basically a requirement to love jeeping if you wanted to enjoy family vacations, seeing as most alllll of them consisted of some jeeping activity/outdoorsy type of stuff. can imagine my excitement marrying into a family that loves the outdoors just as much as me. Although the Sanford's are more of a four-wheeling type family, and the Laws are more of jeep type family....we are quickly converting each other. As in, my father-in-law has already bought a jeep and my dad bought a truck to pull all the four-wheelers we're about to buy, right dad?! Anyway, point is, I love that the Sanford's planned a Moab trip and brought me and my hubby along. I always pictured marrying a boy who was manly enough to drive me up huge I'm glad I got one.

2. Blake was kind enough to let me borrow some of his clothes on the trip. Aka: basketball shorts. Heaven knows you can't wear the same clothes twice in Moab. They get sooooo dirty soooooo fast. So don't ask me why I only packed ONE pair of shorts long enough to cover my new "underwear" (if ya know what I mean). That boy of mine, so nice.

3. One night, Blake took me out on a date. Just him and me. We went to Main Street in our pajamas, smelling like chlorine from the pool, and got us some dessert. B even braided my wet hair and let me sleep on his shoulder while we waited for our food.

4. Moab was the trip that happened right after finals. Sooo....I was planning on it curing my current stress-induced cold. But I think the dirt that got caught in my nose and throat only made it worse. Oh well, it was the best trip ever anyway.

Thanks papa Sanfy for a great trip! And thanks papa Laws for letting us borrow your jeep...our future plans consist of selling everything we posses to buy one of our own. :)

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