May 3, 2013

That one time we bought a puppy.

Here's a little story for you all.
But first? Some personal info.
I want a dog sooooooo bad.
Like as bad as I want to win the lottery and live the rest of my life giving romanian orphans homes and spending the rest of my time on a private island, type of bad.
And great news! I married a dog lover.
So all is well and peaceful on the "we're getting a dog one day" topic.

So the good part of my story goes as follows.
1. We decide we want a dog.
2. I spend all my free time looking up dogs.
3. We find the perfect dog for us, aka: BIG and PROTECTIVE and a RUNNING PARTNER and NOT YAPPY aka: an Akita.
4. I then spend all my free time looking up Akita's that won't cost us 5 months worth of renty rent.
*fast forward 2 months*
5. Found us the perfect little doggie dog.
6. Buy that cutie and bring her home!

Isn't she the cutest thing you have EVER seen?!
We unofficially named her Suki.
Unofficially because I loooooved the name. B wasn't 100% sold. And I insisted on calling her that until he came up with something better. He never did. So Suki it was.

Little Suki got so scared on the car ride home.
Seriously, she HATED it.
Like, wouldn't move a muscle for a solid hour, type of scared.
Like, laid like a splatted dog on the PetSmart floor while we picked her collar out, type of scared.

I swear, we had to defrost that puppy everytime we got out of the car because she was frozen stiff for a solid 20 minutes.
So sad.
but so funny at the same time.

Now...for the bad part of this little story of mine.
To make a long story short,
we had to make a lot of changes to get this little puppy pup of ours.
Like eventually move out and get a new house, kind of changes.
And we thought we were willing to make all these changes because we wanted a dog that bad.
But after having little Suki for a day, it kind of hit us like a ton of bricks that we just aren't ready for a puppy.
We love our life how it is right now, and we want to stretch it out and enjoy it as much as possible.
"Our life" meaning just me and b
and nothing stopping us from a last minute vacation or living in the Love Shack or enjoying a full nights sleepy sleep. :)

But don't you worry.
We'll be ready in a few months, or maybe a bit more.
We still want an Akita puppy pup and have big plans of keeping it for more than a day next time.
Plus, I need more time to bring B onboard with my Suki name obsession.

Bye Suki Suk.
I loved you like a love song, baby.

The end.
Or to stay consistant with my writing quirks today,
The endy end.


  1. this is such a sad story. i want a puppy so bad but cant have one in my apartment :(

  2. Super cute puppy and I don't even like dogs!

  3. Frozen puppy is the cutest thing I've ever seen.