June 5, 2013

Behind and Overwhelmed. and the sand duuuunes.

You guys.
I have way too many things to post about.
The dance conert.
My birthday.
Sand dunes.
A giveaway.
Me and B's latest purchase.
How much I loathe running.
My rockstar graduated sister.
And lots of other worthless stuff.

And all this ish is resulting in zero posts.
Or weird/random posts about my husband loving yardwork. (?)
It's like when you have a huge final to study for and 12 assignments due and then suddenly finding yourself 100% obsessed and consumed with Instagram.
Or when you're supposed to be cleaning your house, and 5 hours later all your journals and yearbooks are read and your house is somehow messier than it was 5 hours ago.

BUT, in an honest attempt to document all things good and fun in life...
Here's the Sand Dunes!

 ^^ how hot and sexy does B look?! Kills me.

I was dying at how good everyone was.
You should have seen B and his family on these things.
They are fearless and all things totally rad.
Especially Lover Boy...such a turn on.
Gosh, he's such a manly man.

So listen.
I had WAY too many "oh shizzy" moments here.
(Sorry Granny...but it's true).
It's just that you have to go super fast up these huge sand hills so you don't get stuck or roll over,
but you don't know what's on the other side of the hill.
And when the other side of the hill is a steep drop that you can't stop your wheeler from going down super fast, some words (from sheer panic) are thought and sometimes voiced.
Curse you sand dunes for making a curser out of me.

But for sure, the best part of the trip was being with BOTH my fams.
It was a Laws/Sanford vacay and it was so so so fun being with everyone.
So big thanks to the Sanford's for letting us use all their wheelers (they have like 20, I swear).
And for converting me to the wonderful world of 4-wheeling.
I'm completing obsessed.
You guys, I even went off a jump. More than once. Even got some air. And didn't even curse everytime.
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