June 18, 2013

In honor of 5 months...

In the last five months we have learned that...

+ we can go a whole month without having to do laundry
+ frozen pizza and cold cereal is the only food we eat at home
+ a sauna is cooler than our house
+ b loves to pluck my eyebrows
+ a massage is the fastest way to my man's heart
+ tortilla bar is overrated
+ we spend (waste?) most our money buying gifts for each other
+ I'm now super educated on the art of basketball and Chris Anderson is my homeboy

And after 5 months we're about as good at this whole marriage as we were at month one.
Experts, you could say. 

Happy five months Lover Boy!
They've been the most exciting, confusing, funniest, emotional, loving, and sexy months of my life!
I love you like a love song, baby. 

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  1. Congrats on hitting 5 months Riki and Blake!!! :) LOVE...LOVE...LOVE reading your blog! Hope you don't mind this old lady staying caught up with all you are doing! :) Love, Kynsie's Mom :)