June 30, 2013

Moab take two.

Here's lover boy and I on our way down to Moab. 

And this is us after a 10-hour adventure and no a/c in our jeep and 102 degree weather...

Can you see my hair??? It's so gnarly and ratty and a disaster waiting to happen. Can I get a woot woot?!

Good thing Moab can't get enough of us! We sure do love this place and getting to spend time with both our fams. 

Oh. And we just got back from dinner. Who knew it was karaoke night?! Don't ask me how I ended up there with Rose and Brenna while I also did the "Grease" shimmy with the 80 year-old DJ as we sang "you're the one that I want". 

It was a great day!! 


  1. looooooove this. Are you even cooler now that you sang karaoke and it was "you're the one that I want" to boot? YEP.

  2. Is the AC out in the Jeep?? Haha news to me :) You guys took Ryan's didn't you?