June 25, 2013

FAQ and about me/him/us.

Hi kiddos!
So I'm in the procces of creating a FAQ and About Me/Him/Us section for this little blog of mine.
Because lets be honest, my favorite part about blog stalking is learning and getting to know the actual writer of the blog.
And you know what? I realize that my blog is lacking that little aspect. 
I mean, I don't even think I've offically introduced myself here.
And since we're all about being 100% real, honest, and raw here at On the Reals,  I figured I'd ask you all for questions you'd like answered on anything and everything you want to know about my little life.
So shoot.
Ask me anything.
And if I don't answer on the blog, I promise to answer you individually.
I just want to get a better idea of what you guys want to know about me so I don't waste my time creating a FAQ and About Me section that complete bores you to tears.
So leave me a comment or Email me at
riksanford (at) gmail (dot) com
{or just press on the little email icon on the left side of my page to be automatically directed to my email}

Thanks a ton in advance for your help!
You already know you rock my world.

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  1. Speaking of getting to know you! I just nominated your for a little get to know you game on my blog! Check it out girl.


  2. Who is your favorite, coolest-ever Auntie? (This is NOT a trick question ;). Xo

  3. Let me just start off by saying I've never met you.. But I'm obsessed with your blog... It's fine. Whatever. And.... My "get to know you" question is... Where do you see yourselves in... 5 years?? Okay... That might be a lame question, but it is what it is haha.

  4. How soon do you guys want kids??? :)

  5. What were the hardest parts about marriage? And what parts were easier than you expected them to be (if any)?
    :) I love your blog by the way!

  6. Favorite and least favorite personality traits about yourselves.

  7. what does your blog name mean?

  8. wat happened to ur missionary man