November 18, 2013

10 Months!

We have officially made it to double digits, my friends!
I cooked 3 times in a row this week. 
And we managed to keep our kitchen clean for a few days. 
And our savings account is higher than it ever was when we were single. 
Nothing but progress has been made in the last 10 months, I tell you. 

But, B still hates when I say the words poo, panties or purse.
I'd be lying if I said I have found the cure for my emotional, birth control self.
And homework/grocery shopping still haven't worked their way up on the priority list...taking naps, playing games, hanging out and making out just can't be beat you guyz. 

But....those aren't important. 
Only the progress stuff is.

And Blake is in our room right now, at midnight, blasting his Josh Groban music.
I'm pretty sure he's cleaning.
Gosh I love that boy.

So here's to 10 months.
It's gonna be real sad in 2 months when we have to kiss our monthiversaries goodbye and become old, married people.

And also, I'm cutting my hair tomorrow. 
I'm so scared, and excited, and nervous, and ready for a change. 
I'm already anticipating B trying to be real nice and say "cute hair, it's so cuuuuute" while fighting back tears of sadness. 
But don't worry. 
I already pinky swore and honest promised that I'd grow it back out again. 
So I think he'll be okay. 
But if you see him. Comfort him. 
And we got a little crazy with the hair pics today. 

My mom calls that last one "the exorcism of Riki Sanford".

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