November 4, 2013

8 things 8 things 8 things

#1 - Lover boy and I re-discovered Nickel City this weekend, and it's the best thing that has ever happened to us.

#2 - We won the jackpot. (twice.)

#3 - With our butt load of tickets, we bought giant playing cards...B beat me at speed with them though...but I don't even care, they're the FUNNEST thing to play with. And matching friendship bracelets...which we vowed to never ever take off, not ever. And 5 frooties.

#4 No shame in the fact that we went Friday...and Saturday...and already made plans to go for FHE. 

#5 On Saturday, I made Blake come to the quilting store with me.
We were there for an hour.
Blake wanted to die.
I told him this is what it's like buying shoes with him.
He's all "do you like these? should I buy them? Let me look at these shoes for 5 more hours."
And I'm all "is this fabric cute? does it match this one? what about this?! Let's spend 5 hours making every cute quilt combo we can."
After about 45 minutes, B sincerely sincerely apologized for making me go through this everytime he buys shoes.

#6 While I was teaching dance on Saturday morning, B decided to go to a yard sale.
This is what he decided to buy.
It's pretty sweet actually.
And boy has big plans for all the cool stuff he's going to do with it.
But for now, we play the awesome game of, "Rik! imma see how far I can slingshot these balls and I need you go to fetch them."
So I run around the cul-de-sac like an idiot, trying to catch these balls being flung at me.
It's so fun.

#7 We can't stop eating the left over candy from our Halloween Party.
Someone please come over and take it away.

#8 I'm seriously debating cutting my hair.
I need a change.
I've had the same hair since the womb...I swear.
But B hates the idea.
It's like, ever since we got married, he feels like what's mine, is his.
Aka: my hair.
I'll give anyone a nickel to nickel city if you can name this movie,
"What ever happened to what's mine is yours, baby? We're married now, reemmeeemmber?"
Anyway, he might cry if I cut maybe I won't.

Have a happy Monday my friends!
B and I might meet up with this sketchy guy from KSL to buy a new lens.
Can't wait.
And also we're going to a Provo High Baseball Auction thingy.
Pray we don't find some stupid thing we don't need, but decide we can't live without, and bid our whole life savings away.  

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  1. Don't cut it super short, and you'll be fine. Change is always good.
    I'm a long hair specialist, and i know how to cut it. I'd love to help you make the change. :)

  2. Just found your blog! it's the cutest! also--I chopped my waist-length hair last year and I've never regretted it! okay...that's a lie. I cried for two days. But I'm SO glad I did it now! It's fun to try new things! and now I get to experience every length in between while I grow it back out!

  3. What happens in Vegas!!!!! I WIN! And I vote cut it!

  4. Okay, I literally LOL'd reading this post. You are too funny girl. In fact, I love reading every single one of your posts! Please don't ever stop being adorable.

    & don't cut the hair! I cut my hair to my shoulders once and I felt naked. for realz.
    But then again, I feel like if you have short hair, you always want longer hair and when you have longer hair, you consider shopping it shorter. It's one of those #firstworldproblems we all have.
    You should maybe add some fun layers to it :) but don't go too short! I seriously love those amazing locks of yours!

    xx, Ariel

  5. You're such a funny child! Oh my!!!!

  6. Haha! You make me laugh! Don't cut your hair-it is SO beautiful!