November 21, 2013

The cutest Fam fam!

A few weeks back, B and I went up the canyon with these hooligans to take some family pics for them. 
I took the pictures. 
And Lover Boy decided to get some video footage as well. 
Hahaha there were so many moments were I was standing in front of them and B was behind them (you know, just both of us trying to get some good stuff)...
Me: "B...MOVE IT! You're in my pictures."
B: "Rik! YOU MOVE! You're in my video."

Hahahahaha, oh what a conflicted life we live. 

B got the footage, but I put the video together. 
B: "Wow, what an awesome video I filmed."
Me: "Wow, what an awesome video I put together."
So conflicted I tell you.
Teamwork and sharing credit has totally died a horrible death in the Sanford home. 

Anyway, we basically slapped this together super quick so they could have a little "home-video" of their fam and my sissy-in-law posted it on her bloggy soooo.... I just had to share.

They are the cutest. 
And freaking Maylie?!
I die. 
I'll take 12 please.

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  1. Love this chika! You guys are the best!

  2. LOVE this!! My family is definitely the cutest there ever was :)

  3. I love love love this so much!! The video is perfect!