November 11, 2013

Let's talk about that hair.

There's some serious controversy about my boy's hair.
It's a love/hate thing with most people. 
It's all, "sweet hair man!"
or like,"ohhhhh. (pause) you're growing your hair out?"
(you know that awkward, "ummm ya, what of it?!" situation that i'm talkin bout??)

But it's whatever!
You can't please em all.
And one day he'll cut it. 
After he can put it in a top knot for a solid year, probably. 
(ps. I originally put "man bun" instead of "top knot"...B flipped! "a MAN BUN, Rik?!" sorry babe, I dunno what I was thinking).  

 I love it. 
I think it's sexy. 
Like Brad Pitt sexy. 
boy's finally figuring out how good it feels for someone to play with your hair. 
His hair-playing has significally increased in quality since he has started wanting the favor returned.
So ya, not mad about that. 

And also, 
he's suppressing my want for a little baby girl named Stella with hair that I can braid for days. 
I'm happy to announce that I can french braid B's hair from top to bottom.

And since we're talking about baby girls....

:) :) :) :)

Stayed tuned for an extra exciting announcement from B and I tomorrow. 

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That last part was a total joke. 
I couldn't resist. 


  1. Lol, I've never dated a guy with long hair but I kind of secretly wish my boyfriend could pull it off. He absolutely couldn't though, he would probably look like a really ugly 6'4" tall girl. Yours pulls it off nicely, though!

    1. Hahaha! Your comment made me laugh :) Thanks for stopping by Jess!

  2. I dig the new logo rik! Super cute!

    1. KAYLYN! Hahaha of course I find myself changing it when I have a buttload of homework to do. But thanks baby! You need to come help me so i can be better at blasted photoshop.

  3. Let me guess. New baby on the way and it's a girl. :D Love his hair. wish I could french braid my own. but sadly I cant.

    1. come stop by and show the love and read........

    2. Hahaha Just kidding! That was a joke! No baby :)

  4. My Preston is growing his out too, so I totally know what you mean with the awkward responses! He basically cuts it twice a year. I love it long though! Riki, if you're preggers, imma FREAK. :D (In the best way possible!)

    1. kaylie...I'm such a fan of the long hair! No lie. I love that our boys like the long locks too :) and I was just joking about the pregnant thing!!!! No babies for us for a looooong time!

  5. Ahhhhh!!! No baby??? That's ok. Don't feel the pressure. It's a huge decision and HUGE life change. Just sayin ;)