November 25, 2013

The year of birthday picture fails.

Remember when I promised to blog about my birthday, and never did?
Well, it's not because it wasn't amazing. 
B bought me the best presents, took me to the best places to eat the best food, and legit planned me an entire surprise birthday party. 
The best. 
It seriously was so fun and so awesome. 
And the reason it didn't get documented properly?
Lack of pictures. 
Literally didn't have any.  
No pics. No blog post.
I guess that's how we function around here. 

Blake's birthday was this last Saturday, and we partied hard. 
Like, stay in the Grand America, eat at nice restaurants, shop a lot, couple massages, tons of presents, family dinner, and just a lot of fun things in Provo, Park City, and SLC.
I even promised to give B whatever he wanted all weekend. 
You better believe his foot was on my lap everytime we sat down,
foot massage time, obviously. 
I've never given more back and feet massages in my whole freaking life!
Seems as if birthday pics are just NOT my thing. 
Which is bizarre to me because I'm the picture fanatic of all picture fanatics. 
But this weekend was an epic fail. 

^^ oh, look... There we are in the massage room

^^at least the steak isn't pixelated. 

^^ seriously, opening presents could not look any better. 

^^"I don't think you're going to like that pic, B"

^^ But don't worry, I got a great picture of our hotel bathroom. 

^^and at least we got this nice blurry picture of us. 
I have officially deemed this the BEST picture taken all weekend. 
I know. 
So sad.  

But Happy Birthday to my babe!!! 
I love you to the moon and back and back to the moon and back, like 12 times. 
25 is pretty dang old. 
But it's never looked soooooooo good. 
You're my favorite person. 

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and curse you iphone camera. 
You failed us this weekend. 
Big time. 


  1. WOW! You'd think your mom took all those pics! haha

    1. I know, right?! Sadly, they're worse than the mother's...which is just amazing.

  2. Saturday was my birthday too! :) November b-days are the besttt.

    Also, all your pics made me laugh haha that's what mine look like on a daily basis!

  3. OK- WHOA!! your mom takes THEE best blurry pics EVA! :)-