December 1, 2013

Coming home from vacations is equal to that of poking my eyes out.

I think it's no surprise to anyone that B and I would rather be anywhere but in Provo, UT...
Doing nasty stuff like homework.
And cooking (once a week).
And school. 
And work. 
Ew, Gross. 
We looooove us some vacays, baby!!
Get us away from the usual, and we are just giddy people. 

So for Thanksgiving break, my family, and B's family booked it out of p-town and headed to one of our fave places. 
Ooohhh Moab, Utah...
How I frick-frakin love you so much.

This time we rented condos. 
And brought more games than clothes. 
(multiple people even asked me if I wore the same flannel shirt all weekend. Why yes, yes I did. And the same pair of underwear as well...haha jokes.)
And ate soooo much crap. 
And Jeeped in the fa-reeeezing cold. 
And ate a good ol' traditional steak dinner on Thanksgiving Day at the Moab Brewery. 
I know, you guys. 
It was perfect. 

So basically coming home is the worst thing in the whole world. 
Homework was put on hold all weekend and is causing me some serious stress right now, (I hate you so much homework).
And finals week is already looking like it's going to be a heck of beast. 
And unpacking is so not as fun as packing is. 
And I have to cook!
Ahhh. The horrible-ness.

But we're happy. 
Because it's December. 
Which, B and I have deemed "our month" since we love making out by the fireplace with some hot coco near by and Justin Bieber's Christmas album consists of most of our favorite love songs ever. 
Cheesy? No. 
Just so rad. 
And also, I think we're going to get a christmas tree for our house tomorrow!
It might not get decorated. 
And B is really scared that we're gonna kill it. 
He keeps telling everyone, "hopefully we can keep it alive."
Ya, like we would neglect something as important as keeping our precious christmas tree alive, babe!
Ya right. 
We would never. 

We love December. 
And Hello! Cuddling at night is soooo much more fun in the Winter when it's so cold and your husband neeeeeds you to cuddle him to get warm!
My favorite thing. 

And we're making a video of this weekend. 
So staaay tuuuuned!
I know, the videos. 
We can't stop. 

And also, I think I say "and" as much as I said "like" in my high school years. 
And isn't it like soooo grammatically incorrect to start a sentence with "and"?
Sorry, kids. 

But, uh. 
Hope you had the greatest Thanksgiving and have lots to be grateful for!
May we all be able to brave the last weeks of Fall semester in sanity and grace together. 

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  1. wow i can't even get enough of your sense of humor on here. wow i love you 2. and this blog.

    1. Thanks Keena baby! Your comment made my night :)

  2. Lovin' that B's hair actually needs to part down the middle now. So great!

    1. kind of just is alll over the place! But I've been trying to get him to part it down the middle for like, ever. So this is a great thing for me!!