December 26, 2013


Currently in the process of making up a Christmas post. 
There's so much to catch up on. 
But only really good stuff, 
so that's good. 

In the meantime, 
you've been missing out on stuff like this. 

Last weekend I accidentally let the MAC people have at my lips. 
I can't even tell you how many colors they were. 
It was crazy. 
And I literally, (like literally), hated every single color. 
I'm a nude lips kinda person since the womb, I tell you. 
And the worst part? I couldn't get it off. 
Like my lips were literally (literally) stained red all night. 

B pretty much hated it too.
Quote, Blake Sanford...
"'s not really my jam. In fact, it literally looks like jam."

ahhh I laughed so hard. 
How do you ladies pull off colored lips?!
I totally envy you. 
I can't do it. 
I just can't.

Anyway, hope you all are having the best Christmas break!
B and I stayed in bed till noon-thirty today.
It's the best best thing ever!!

Stay tuned for a Christmas Recap, and maybe a video?
Who knows... cleaning my house and cooking some treats is sounding better than editing footage.
ha! psyche!
That would be the day.
But on the reals, 
hope you had the greatest Christmas!

Peace my homies.

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  1. Dude you look so good with red lipstick!

    1. ah thank you! Maybe I'll be more confident wearing it in the future, but I just feel way weird!!

  2. Hey I'm Riki, let me talk about how I cant pull off Red lips and then post a BOMB picture of me and my red lips. haha I hate you. You look wonderful.

    1. Hahaha taaaay. I swear it looked way worse in real life. My grandma even (nicely) said that I look like a hooker. okay?! I love you!

  3. on the reals, that red looks killer! don't kidd yourself, girl:)

    xx laur

    1. Thanks baby! Just out of my comfort zone, you know?! Well actually, that sounds dumb and lame. But it's true!!!