December 29, 2013

Temple Square

Last night my family went up to SLC for some dinner at the roof and a nice stroll around temple square. 
You could say it was a #greattimegreatexperience

^^ new camera lens for Christmas...please notice the nice focus here.

 ^^ B got grandma that scarf up there for Christmas. 
I think she likes it.
 It kept her nice and toooasty we hope!

^^Kaniki and her invisible date. 
Oh the joys of being the youngest child...third wheel, always. 

 ^^ so fetching pretty. 
Something tells me that this picture of mine is worthy to be the backdrop for that, "if this isn't your castle, then you're not my prince" quote. 

^^ a real life candid! not even posed or pre-planned. This may be a first. 
And my hair. Some days I love it so much, some days I hate it. 
Temple square night was, how you say....uhhhh, a hate day. 

Thanks for a fun night, family!
Now...if only temple square was some kind of "Utah's best keep secret". 
Then I could take pictures in peace and not feel like I'm being herded like a cute little cow.
But I hope everyone and their dog enjoyed it as much as I did. 
It really is the prettiest thing!

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  1. Pics are beautiful! You must have a nice camera!

  2. Okay, cutest new blog layout! And, can we switch closets for a little? Wait, let me loose 50 lbs first before we can do that. And, loving the new camera pics. They look so amazing! And I can't wait for us to retire and not have jobs and even after our kids grow up so we can be friends and hang out again.:)

    1. commented on the wrong post. oh well. you'll get it either way.