December 9, 2013

Our first Christmas tree, and a VIDEO!

B and I finally got to decorating our Christmas tree this weekend. 
And let me tell you... 
it is really something else. 
We really out did ourselves with some nice lights, a few boxes of green, red, and silver ball ornaments, some red mesh (which we didn't get enough of and deemed the ugliest stuff on planet wasn't you though, mesh, it was us. We just couldn't make you look good! and the roll of you ran out way too fast!!!), and don't forget the high quality (pre-made) bow we topped the tree off with. 
We love it so much! 
One day, our Christmas tree will look like my momma' is my absolute favorite. 
But until then, we'll enjoy our little Mr. Plump until we inevitably kill it before it's supposed to die.
Also, I think B might have slightly regretted getting such a plump tree when he realized there was literally no space for decorations because it is just so...dense.
 yes, that is a nice word for it.
You live and learn, kids. Live and learn. 

aaaaand I'm loving spending my first Christmas as a married lady with my hubby hubs. 
He's so cool. 
We could shop till we drop, and that's basically what we did this weekend. 
I think buying presents for people is one of my favorite things to do. 
I swap that visa like a crazy loco and love every second of it. 
Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season.
and the SNOW! Oh the snow. I love you.

And this video.
No lie, it was sooo super fun to make.
And of course...some Christmas J-biebs!
We basically think he is the biggest punk on the planet these days,
but don't even get me started on his holiday jams.
I love. 

Happy Monday, friends!
Hope you have a good one!
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  1. your videos are so cute! :) I love them!

  2. THAT IS THEEEEEE CUTEST VIDEO I EVER DID SEE!!!! you are so talented and creative and funny and cute and adorable all wrapped up in that weird red ribbon :)-

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    I'm one of those kids who's been reading onthereals since the very beginning and it's about time I told you how much I love ya. You guys are SUCH a wonderful example to me and I can't wait to have what you guys have one day. (: