December 2, 2013

We got a plumper!

Great news. 
We got a treeeeee!
And after spending some time picking it out, 
then giving it a nice truck trim (thanks for the tip Mom!),
and spending forever trying to get it to sit straight on the stand...
we decided that was enough tree stuff for one night. 
Sorry decorations. 
We care about you about as much as we care about cleaning our house right now. 
zero, zip, zilch. NADA.
But I did feel bad that our beautiful tree has to stand there all naked-like till tomorrow night. 
So I found some nice, festive ribbon and made a 2 second bow. 
I know...I've really outdone myself. 

And did I mention that we found the most perfectly PLUMP tree?!
That's what B kept saying. 
"it needs to be plump, Rik".
And plump it is, my friends. 
Gosh we love it so much.  
I told my brother that our caring skills for our christmas tree this year will determine if we can have a baby or not. 
He looked at me like I was an idiot. 
As if caring for a tree is the same as caring for a baby. 
But whatever. 
We (meaning B) watered Mr. Plump tonight.
so we're basically well on our way to baby makin' material (!!!!) 
Holla holla.

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  1. I seriously love you guys. And your blog. You are so funny! And I love the little bow haha

    1. Hahah thanks Alexa! Sadly, the little bow is STILL the only decoration on day we'll get to finishing it :)

  2. That's the fattest tree I ever did see! Please live a long life as a grandbaby would be awesome! P.S. Since it's inevitable that Mr. Plump will someday die, perhaps you should give it a timeline to live, say 1 week after Christmas...that way measuring your baby skills will at least have a chance.

    1. Great idea Mom! But, uh...I was thinking about not giving it a timeline. That way we have a LEAST 3 more Christmas' to keep a tree alive..AKA 3 more years till baby time.

  3. i feel like we should be real life friends. you and your hubs are hilariousssss xoxo

    1. We should definitely be real life friends, I could always use more of those!! sooo....Let's do it.

  4. I have successfully stalked your ENTIRE blog from start to finish. obsessssssed!


  5. It is a commercial paradise complete with pony rides, live band, pumpkin launchers, a petting zoo (half of the farm is on the other side of the fence) and we were told it was $5.00 extra per person to access all the fun stuff. It did not say anything about that online, that we saw at least. lip plumpers