December 3, 2013

Nose hairs, so embarrassing.

Last night, B whipped out our pink sparkly tweezers. 
Time to pluck Rik's eyebrows. 
(I hate plucking, and B loooooves plucking my eyebrows. So clearly we are a match made in heaven).
All the sudden he starts freaking out, "Rik, pleeeease let me get this!"
as he starts bringing the tweezers towards my nose. 
Oh ya. 
Long nose hair alert. 
I freaked. 
Plucking nose hairs?!
No way. 
So painful!!!
But B wanted to get it soooo bad. 
And he promised to give me a 5 minute back tickle before bed if I let him get it.
And he also said,
"Rik, you need to hold still so I can grab this nose hair. We are a team, remember? Through thick and thin. 
And. this. one. is. thiiiiiiick!"
Which made me laugh so hard and stupidly agree to the 5 minute back tickle in exchange for the nose hair plucking. 
I had to let him get it, guys! Just because he is so funny and I love him that much.
And really, he gives the best back tickles. 

Also, THIS happened a year ago today. So insane! 
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  1. you look so cute in that picture!

  2. Seriously, this is such a cute story!! I love how cute you guys are!!!

  3. BAHAHA!!!! You two are totally like me and my husband. This literally made me LOL. I just found your blog for the first time today and I'm so glad that I did :) I look forward to learning more about you two! xo

  4. Adorable blog missy! Loved checking out the posts! :)