December 15, 2013

Finals week is among us.

 Tonight I was being snappy while doing the dishes. 
B's like, "Rik, I'm sensing some serious tude".
I'm all, "Yes, I have some serious tude. Any way you can suck it out of me?!"

*a couple seconds later*
-cue Justin Beiber Christmas music blasting in our kitchen
while B massages my shoulders while I finish up the dishes.
Later, "tude".

Ah yes. 
Finals week has come. 
And my husband is a saint.
And I already feel bad for the times this week where my stress will get the best of me and B will have to deal with my attitude.
And I apologize in advance for the lack of blogging coming your way. 
But hey, at least my dishes are done.

So...good luck to all the students out there this week.
Only 5 more days till we can fully enjoy this holiday season, school freeee!
May we all cram and cram some more.
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  1. good luck! I'm excited for them to be over so that I can have my husband back! ha

  2. I'm a single pringle who def listens to Bieber Christmas music and am currently enduring finals this week as well sooooo good luck pretty lady!