December 31, 2013

2013 Christmas and a video

Oh hey, kids!!!
I have some catching up to do. 
But for now? 
Christmas Day. 
It was the best ever. 
B and I literally went crazy buying gifts. 
For other people, but mostly for each other. 
We both grew up in families where Christmas was a big deal. 
So basically since we're married now, we felt solely responsible for each other and the continuing of the "big Christmas" tradition. 
You know what I mean?
 we did really good. 
Like, too good. 
Like, we-need-to-not-buy-anything-for-the-next-8-months-to-practice-the-self-control-that-we-completely-lost-in-the-midst-of-Christmas-shopping, type of good. 
And also, we completely spaced the fact that both our families continue to make Christmas a big deal. 
Which resulted in a lot of presents from the family and the in-laws.
I've literally never gotten so much in my life. 
And I've felt so overly blessed by the love and giving all around me. 

And also.
I got to spend Christmas with both of my fams. 
Which I love so much. 
We opened presents just the two of us way early in the morning. 
B is all, "I've never woken up this early on Christmas morning, but Riki does, so I guess I do too now." 
He's a champ. 
Then we did stockings with my family. 
Then headed over to B's family to open presents, and play, and sleep, and eat. 
Then back to my house to open more presents. 
Then the Sanford's came over for a big turkey dinner and more fun. 
I love so much that me and B's family are so close. 
It's makes for easy holidays that are the best. 
Thanks for the best Christmas ever, family!

And of course, 
a video.  
It's mostly just a little documentary for my family of our 2013 Christmas,
but you can watch too... if you want.
And if you watch carefully, you can figure out how to make the best eggnog on planet earth (special thanks to Sky boy...the best brother-in-law and eggnog maker ever!)
Here's a piccy. 
(He's single my lady friends, and so rad).

Hope you all had the best Christmas surrounded by lots of love and warm fuzzies.
And Ry, Kay, and May were missed, like soooo much!

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  1. adorable! loved it! and loved spending Christmas with my cute lil family!!!! Mine is the best :)

  2. How do you make such cute videos?! The music at the end fit perfectly with the shot focusing in on the tree. LOVE!

    xx Laur

  3. yea how do you make such cute and amazing rocking videos. Loved this. and loved the egg nogs and the decorating of the cups with red and white sprinkles that made me think of candy canes. and loved the baby and the faces he/she made LOL too cute.

  4. Indy totally digs your movie making style. She looks up to everything you do and is becoming real good at it. You will have to check out her videos on Vimeo. She did a Christmas one just like yours...and a boyfriend one just like yours. I have to remember she is only 16!!

  5. Skyler's single... I'm single... interesting...