July 10, 2012

I'm a fan.

Boyfriend and I went to Guru's to feed our starving selves. One cilantro lime quesadilla for me. A chicken teriyaki bowl for him. Usually I'm the cilantro lime quesadilla's biggest fan. I'd stand behind it anytime, anywhere. Uhhhh...until I tasted the chicken bowl, that is. Let me put this into perspective for you. If the quesadillas were Arie, the chicken bowl would be "one f Jef". Ya...they're that much better (and hotter and sexier and funnier and less sweaty).

During conversation, I sneakily switched my plate and B's plate so I didn't have to reach over my sad sad quesadillas to get to B's food anymore. B picked up those quesadillas and ate them like nothing even happened. My boy sure knows how to treat me right...sharing his chicken bowl and all. I've dubbed him a keeper only about 20 million times.


  1. No idea why that says I'm unknown...retarded...this is Aubz and I like this post...lots.

  2. Hahaha aubz....that made me laugh. Love you!