July 18, 2012

The heat stroker...

Oh hey there! Riki here. Just returned from St. Geezy and just wanted to share some pics with you! My momma always taught me that sharing was the nice thing to do. So here I am...being nice.

I went to St. George with the Sanford boys for a softball tounament called the Heat Stroker. It's a huge tournament that is played all Friday and Saturday night. B told me that if I survived this weekend, I was eligible to be married to him. The "final test",  if you will. I can see how it could be a rough weekend. Friday night their games ended at 5am, Saturday night we were done at 4am. If you know me at all...you'll know that I am SOOOOO not a night person. Get me to bed by midnight and I'm about as happy as Elmo on laughing gas. Point is...B knew this weekend would be hard for me. But guess what? It wasn't! I got to hangout with my man and watch him play softball, spent some quality time with my sissy Kaylyn, my cute niece Maylie, and my bro bro, we shopped, ate, and slept till noon. Not mad. Aaaand, I only slept through 2 games! 2!!! I was impressed, and apparently boyfriend was too. He said I passed the test with flying colors. You know what that means?  You got it. Expect a wedding soon. Real soon.

I was kidding about the wedding! But hey, it's nice to know that I'm offically eligible.
Sorry about the lack of pics I took. Wasn't on my A-game.

Thanks to the Sanfords for letting me bum along on their trippy trip...they're the best fam.

Here's a video boyfriend got of me in all my sleepy glory. Hot dang.

There are those blasted pimples again. Sure do love them.
Glad I ended that video with a sweet pose. 

{Today B and I got tickets to go see my home girl Celine Dion put on a show in Vegas. I'm more stoked than you can even imagine.}

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