July 25, 2012

I [mustache] you a question...but I'm [shavin'] it for later.

I don't like to brag.
Bragging is lame.
Bragging ain't cool.
Bragging and bragging makes you look like a fool.
Peeps just shouldn't ever do it.
Just sayin.

Okay. On that note, I just want to tell you how totally sweet and groovy my family is.
They're the best.
Probably better than yours.
The best.
Like WAY better than yours.
Just sayin.

Just got back from the Laws 2012 family reunion. Theme? Mustaches. Why? In honor of the Grandad. He rocked some serious staches in his lifetime. I sure do miss that man.

Was seriously so blessed to be surrounded by these beauts all weekend.

Activities included...{but are not limited to}

Bridge Jumping

Long bus rides with the WHOLE fam to see some pretty pretty waterfalls and that one gyser...seriously such a Faithful ol' thing.

Engineering project...rolling egg course style. Brought to you by the Dadio.
Yay for family bonding and team unity.
Unfortunatley, I chose an egg that was bred to easily break and be someones omlette...
not the kind that are bred to roll down intense courses without having it's shell break.
What are the odds?!
The insanity.

Bike rides, hair braiding, canoes, and a slack rope (kids were literally doing backflips off this thing). Can you say WOWZA?! It's a miracle no child was rushed to the E.R. this weekend...the mustache gods were watching over us.

And the best part? A contest to see who could dress up the most like Grannie and Grandad in their glory days.
Seriously was laughing so hard.

Here's chief Dave. He did done good, don'tcha think?

Who decided to bless their child the same night as the costume party??
Lucky little cousin Lauren was surrounded by a bunch of look-a-like Grandad's while being blessed.
Poor kid's gonna look at her blessing day photo and wonder what generation she was born in.

Add some tennis, horse shoes, ping pong (say hello to a semi-finalist...must be the Asian blood), delicious food, lots of injuries, bracelet making, potato gun, tramp jumping, volleyball, piano playing, pool games, sleeping in tents, being blown over by a micro burst, a million little kids, and crazy aunts and uncles and you basically get the gest of how my weekend went.

Like I said...my family is better than yours.

Shout out to Uncle Q for planning a stellar reunion.

And I'd also like to thank Uncle Dru for being a loyal blog reader and giving me the 'funniest blog' award. It's probably the most rare and special award in the entire universe.
And for that, I'm giving him the 'favorite uncle' award.
You rock Dru-be-doo-be-doo.

Hope you had a fab weekend killas!

aaaaaand! Happy 50th anniversary to the best Grannie and Grandad ever. I love you Grannie! I miss you Grandad!


  1. Cutest Blog EVA!!!! love you baby girl.

  2. I am honored to be your favorite uncle (although I am the obvious choice)

  3. Cutie cute cute!! Love the pics Riki-ticki-tembo. Our fam is the best. I concur. Love your face. Xo

  4. I have to agree that you do win funniest blog. Does that mean I win best auntie?!! :) Love ya cute girl!