July 27, 2012

Oh happy day.

{These things have made me a happy happy girl this past week}

Young one hates (and by hates, I mean she'd probably rather spend her time watching paint dry) Victoria's Secret. But this week...we HAD to go. There has been some serious need for a couple essentials...if ya know what I mean. Undies and Bras, to be exact. It truly made me laugh so hard to walk into her dressing room to find her standing there just staring at the "goodies" the VS workers brought her. Uh nik...those things ain't gonna try themselves on...

Love the little random dates I get to go on with the child. This week? Crepes. We ended up chillin there for an extra 15 minutes hoping that our chores would do themselves if we waited long enough. That didn't work...but we seriously gave it a honest effort.

Went here twice in the last three days. Now if that doesn't make someone happy...I dunno what will!
I love the little old people that work in the baptistry.

"Young lady, hand me your recommend and let's see if you're worthy to be here"
*I hand it to him*
"And you are...?"
I say, "Erika Laws."
*awkward silence*

Later I realized it was more like this...
"Young lady, hand me your recommend and let's see if you're worthy to be here"
*I hand it to him*
"And you are!!!"
"Erika Laws."

*of course there's awkward silence*
You see the difference there??
My bad.

Anyone else in Provo see this killer double rainbow on Tuesday?
So Tizzziiiight!

Love sweet parents that are buddies with the roomies. Love even more that Madre and Lush beat Delbs and Dadio.
Let's be honest.
Dad losing in fooseball is about as rare as me thinking about running a marathon.
It happened once.
It ain't ever happening again.

Love hanging out with this handsome boy everyday. I mean look at that face! Who wouldn't? Seriously though. Who wouldn't?
We're headed out of town tonight to visit some fam fam.
And watch Celine put on a show show.
Cool? Cool.


  1. Of course I saw the double rainbow. Kev and I were loving it and quoting the famous youtube video. He thought it was funny for about five minutes and then stopped. I thought it was one of the greatest moments in life and kept saying "It's so vivid." and "What does this meeean?" for much longer than five minutes. probably closer to five hours.

  2. Oh my gosh... Niki is killing me with that VS bag.

  3. I own your dadio!!!! Fooseball champs-oh yeah.....Lush and I rock!