July 12, 2012

Here and there and everywhere.

Here are some pictures that didn't quite make it into the "you're-cool-enough-to-be-made-into-your-very-own-blog-post" club. I wouldn't exactly call them junk...but they didn't quite get the BPP (blog post pic) stamp either. Why didn't they get the stamp? Reasons may include, but are not limited to, me being too lazy to blog, no creative reference to the bachelorette, me being too lazy to blog and/or me being too lazy to blog.  Regardless...here they are. Reppin' the BPP stamp like they've been doing it all their whole life. Work it baby work it.

Me, Ali-bama!, Brundun, and B took a little hike to Stuart Fall a few weeks ago.
It was more of a walk.
I wasn't complaining.

We've done smarter things than climbing up this cliff of death.
Ever since I've been daing B...he's gotten all "protective" on me.
He basically made me climb back down before attempting to take a risky step to the top. 
Something about not wanting me to face plant into the sharp rocks at the bottom of the waterfall. 
I wouldn't of done it anyways...I was too scurrred.
But his concern for my life was comforting.
Like the 3rd parent I've never had.
It's cute. And I like it.
A lot.

Look at that picture quality on the left up there. Iphone...you've really out done yourself this time.

We went to RC Willey's the other day to test out some mattresses.
B needs a new one.
His dad bought him a new queen size bed for his full size mattress.
If you do the math right...that means his current mattress is too too small.
Somehow we ended up on these sweet awesome massage chairs.
We chilled for a solid 30 minutes.

Yesterday we went for a swimmy swim in my neighbors pool.
We played lots of games. Races and such.
B has really good handstands.
My favorite game we played was invented by yours truly.
I haven't given it an offical name yet, but I was thinking of calling it "I'll pretend to drown and let's see if you can save me"---you like that??
Anyways...B won. He saved me.
Except for at the end when he swam me to a high ledge and told me to hang onto it.
"uhhh...how am I supposed to hang onto this ledge when I'm a drowned person?"
I think he thought I was just pretending to be a dumb person who was swimming in too deep of water but who was fully conscious.
I was thinking he was going to pull me out of the water with his big muscles and then give me CPR by the pool side.
I'll be sure to clarify the rules next time.
He did compliment my acting skills though.
So I'll consider my game a success.

Went to lunch with these beauts today.
They've been like my second set of sisters ever since I was in elementary school.
I love them.

I've been missing the young child all week.
She's at BYU track camp.
You wanna know the difference between her and I?
She pays money to go run for hours out in the hot hot sun.
I'd rather watch grass die.

Have a happy day kids. I'm off to St. G tonight.


  1. Another solid post from ma gurl.

  2. I'm so proud of you. Had fun at lunch!

  3. .....thanks buddy. I really do appreciate the shout out. :)