July 9, 2012

Yay yay yay.

Went to Vegas this week with some of my favorite peeps EVA!!

It was so hot. Sooooooooo hot. Like 108 degrees fahrenheit hot. Pretty much miserable weather if you don't have a pool handy. Good thing we had one. We weren't miserable at all. Unless you consider laying by a legit pool, surrounded by friends, tanning your skin, and drinking delicious strawberry mango smoothies miserable. In that case, we pretty much died of misery.

This is me playing volleyball. Check. out. that. form. Don't ask me why I didn't play water volleyball in High School. I haven't the slightest clue. I should have though. My team dominated. It's probably because I was a team captain and picked good teammates. My tactic: pick men. The kind of men that'll let me show of my good moves, such as this one here. Got us a point everytime.

As a side note: I don't like water volleyball much. Let me tell you why. You know in your dreams when a bad guy is chasing after you. No matter how hard you try, your legs just don't run away fast enough. I got that feeling playing water volleyball. A lot. The ball would literally be 2 feet away from me, but I couldn't get to the ball fast enough because of the dang water. Not a good feeling. Teammates would tell me to hustle and get my head in the game. Well you know what team? I am hustling!  Running through water just isn't my forte, aight?

B got roasted. I'm currently dating a lobster.

Once we got stuck in traffic on our way to The Cheesecake Factory. Lucky for us, Ceasar's Palace was putting on the most phenomenal firework show. Seriously, it was unreal. It might have been better than the Stadium of Fire. The sky was sparkling. SPARKLING.

Somehow, this lovely pic of me is the only capture of shopping we got. But boy did we shop. I got some killer deals on some killer articles of clothing. And hey! You wanna know who the best shopping partner is? B! He's my favorite person to shop with. Gets me different sizes while I'm in the dressing room..."Rik...I've gone back so many times, I can basically tell what size stuff is without even looking at the tag". Tells me what looks good and gives his honest opinion (even though he knows I'll get whatever I want, regardless of what advice he gives). He knows my style so well he'll even pick out some stuff on his own to have me try on (bought a sweet shirt and some legit kicks thanks to him). He can even shop for about as long as I can. Which is saying something. He most definetly amps up my shopping experiences.

All in all, the goal of roasting my skin and emptying my wallet was met. Yay for reaching and accomplishing goals.

I didn't want to come home.

But hey, we got St. Geezy next week, and Idaho the next. Yay for summer vacas.

And can we get one more "yay" for my car? The little cutie made it all the way to Vegas on one tank of gas. We too cool for gas stations.



  1. okay first of all, I love love love your blog. i think i'm your number one stalker! second of all where did you get your cute suit? You're just so darling!!

  2. Love you heath baby! I got it from amara, but I'm pretty sure it's a modbe suit!