April 23, 2013

Dear Mr. Sanfy

Dear Mr. Sanfy,

Thank you for bringing me lunch and dinner all during finals week, being stuck on campus all day is the pits and you're the best for making sure I'm fed.

And thanks for the watercolor you painted last night with the big "riki" and too much paint and not enough water on it. I know you didn't even finish, but I still loved it.

And thanks for being spontaneous with me. Like when it was 8:30 at night and I had finals to study for and 2 talks to write and complained about wanting to go buy shoes instead of doing all the crumby work I was doing. It's cool that we booked it to the mall and bought matching chucks before closing time.

And thanks for taking care of me while I've been sick these last few days. I think your hand could have fallen off from that hour long back scratch and head massage you gave me until I fell asleep. And thanks for insisting that we cuddle tight all night, then waking up early to make sure we were cuddling when I woke up.

And thanks for the "I love you sexy butt" text you just sent me...I love you too, and that butt of yours is  equally sexy.

Can't wait till tomorrow is over so we can B-slap finals in the face and say goodbye to school forever! (or until august comes around).

Your wifey.


  1. I love you. Can I please just join your marriage? I'm okay with polygamy, just sayin.