April 7, 2013

My fav day is not my fav.

Conference Sunday!!!

Lounge all day. Cuddle up. And be spiritually uplifted.
Don't forget the sunny walk and family luncheon between sessions followed by an honest attempt to stay awake through the entire 2:00 session. 
Who doesn't love Conference Sunday?

Meeee!!!! At least right now I don't. 
Pardon me while I have a pity party for myself. 
Starting right now. 

Have I already mentioned that my husband has been gone for a week?
And that my family is in California on vacation?
And I have been stuck in Utah giving class presentations and writing 9, yes 9, school papers?
It has been the pits.
So I've been all alone on this conference Sunday. 
Laying in my parents bed, writing papers (currently working on a 15-page beast), and watching conference. 

Not to mention...my current state of watching what I eat like a hawk. 
Reason being?
Huge dance recital in 6 weeks.
My costumes mixed with my regular habits of eating ice cream every day is just noooot gonna cut it. 
Which is resulting in me not being able to eat away my loneliness and that's adding to my grumpiness. 

But in happier news!

I'm loving conference. 


Can I get a who-rah?!

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