April 19, 2013

Two months say, whaaa?

The last two months have taught us that B hates the word poop, the living room is a better bedroom than our actual bedroom, the gas bill is begging us to run the heat less, Star Wars marathons are the best past time, and ignoring piles of dirty laundry is what we do best.

It has been a gooood two months. But don't get me wrong...there has definitely been some rough patches. Merging two selfish lives into one selfless marriage is tricky stuff... cuz let's face it, up until you get married, the majority of things that you do is to benefit yourself...what should I buy, what should I do. And now, all the sudden you're expected to turn the I to US?! Just like that?! That, my friends, is not done flawlessly. At least not for us! (and for you flawless couples out there, write a book about it, educate the world, and make millions). But hey! That's the fun part, learning and growing together, right?! And not to mention birth control...I literally started to cry at the thought of getting a dog. My emotions are crazy loco. Crazy loco, kids. You can imagine those rare (or not so rare) moments when B is wondering when his "cold hearted, non-emotional" woman turned into the mother of all womanly hormones herself. Yup, that's me.

But what I'm saying is this. I. LOVE. MY. HUSBAND. For all the happy times and hard times and frustrating times and funny times and baffling times and boring times and arguing times and sexy times and just all times, all the time. Happy two months Mr. Sanfy! Maybe after 5,000 years of marriage together we can write a book about how to have a flawless marriage and educate the world on all our attained knowledge and then make millions together. :)

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