April 21, 2013

I'm in love with my husband.

Today, B & I gave a talks in sacrament. 
I wish you all could witness my husband at the pulpit. 
It is UNREAL. 
He is such a natural speaker. 
Not to mention the sweetest words he said about me. 
Seriously almost made me cry. 

We also spoke at a stake youth fireside tonight. 
This was my absolute favorite. 
We got to go to the pulpit together this time and talk about how great marriage is. 

For some reason, today was such a great day. 
I thought it would be the most stressful day of my life,
(you know...giving two talks in one day in the midst of finals and all). 
But somehow this day managed to be one of the best. 
I'm so in love with that husband of mine. 
Something about listening to him speak just filled this little heart of mine and was a huge confirmation that I married the most amazing person. 
He is the best example to me and makes me the happiest person alive. 

Sorry for sappy post,
but I'm so in love right now and just so happy that Mr. Blake Sanford is my hubby hub. 
He really is the best.

I love you lover boy!!


  1. That is the sweetest. I agree..nothing is cuter than when husbands give talks in church.

  2. You guys were amazing today! Glad we could be a part.......he made Myke feel sort of special too - you know, calling him an Angel and all :) Love you guys like crazy!!!!!