April 5, 2013

I'm missing my man :(

Blake is on a week long business trip. 
His work sent him to Atlanta and New Orleans for the final four conventions. 
Cool right?
I miss him so much!
We (yes, me AND him) are pretty much pathetic. 
We've probably said "I miss you so much!" via texting like a ba-jillion times. 
We're pretty much miserable without each other.

I found these pics of us from my freshman year in college when I was 18!
I swear we didn't date. 
Just hung out alllll the time. 
We weren't even friends with benefits. 
 I know, serious as a heart attack.
Didn't makeout. 
Didn't kiss. 
Didn't even cuddle. 
or hold hands. 
or hug longer than 1 second. 
Don't ask me how I was able to keep my hands off him for like...way too long.
We just liked to hang. 
And do things that couples do...
Like go on the Sundance moonlift ride.
(while we sat on opposite sides of the lift)
And watch movies till 2 am together.
(again...opposites sides of the couch)
 And for some weird reason, we would tell each other everything about our love lives.
I wouldn't even get mad when he would stop by to say hi and hangout with me before going to a different girls house. 
What strange times. 
But I must admit, I'm glad we were friends for so long before we dated. 
That's how relationships are supposed to start, right?!

And here's another one of us that I found!
But we're dating by this time. 
And B has a zit on his forehead the size of Canada. 
(I don't feel bad for posting this, the kid literally has flawless skin and pops out one of these big mama's like... MAYBE twice a year)

Rumor has it, Canada has made it's yearly appearance on B's forehead while he's been gone. 
I'm not even kidding you guys,
I can't wait to see my boy in a few days...even if he brings Canada with him.


  1. So cute! I love that you guys were good friends before you started dating!


    1. Thanks! Me too...seems like a pretty good way to start a marriage, eh?! Cute blog PS :)

  2. Canada??? You named his zit??? haha!