April 8, 2013

Details of the wedding day.

Last night, I was looking through a whole bunch of wedding pictures, and I found these little cuties...

Oh ya...we were puuumped. 

I think that they are some of my favorite pictures from the 5,000 we have of that day...no lie, we were soooooo stoked and happy to be married!
So as I was looking through all of these pictures, I started to get sad. 
Sad because the day was the best day ever. 
And sad because the day came and went way too fast!

But don't worry, in my reminiscing I started to remember all the funny things that happened prior to walking out of the temple and thought I would share.  

1. I woke up, only to find out that I had lost my dad's tie that he was supposed to wear that night. Had to go on a frantic search to find a new one! Sorry Dad!

2. I forgot to do my nails...so the mum painted them while I got my hair done.

3. We all got to the Mount Timp. temple only to realize that no one grabbed my wedding dress! Whaat?

4. We're about to walk into the temple and my mom goes to get out her recommend, which wasn't there and still chillin at our house. 

5. We're giving our information to the workers and bam...B gets a bloody nose. 

6. I'm praying the entire time that I don't get a hot flash and start to sweat at every pore during our sealing. 

7. While waiting for our turn to get sealed, someone comes up to B and asks "Now son, are you sure about this?" just jokingly, of course. That boy of mine replies "ummm, ya. I think so."
uhhh-huuuuh, what was that babe? You thiiiink so??
Solid answer to give 2 seconds before we're about to be sealed. for. eternity.

8. The second B and I walk out of the room after being sealed, he and I start fist pumping and cheering and I yell "WE DID IT!" to the little lady that was helping us. 
She didn't didn't celebrate with us. Just hushed us really quickly. We totally forgot we were still in a super holy and sacred place. :/ oops. 

9. I got all ready in my dress and everything and literally spent 10 minutes waiting for B to finish getting ready. Ya, I know. Isn't the groom supposed to wait for the bride? Hahaha all the temple workers were laughing at me, "now you just remind him of this day when he's waiting on you to get ready, you hear?"

All in all, it was the best morning ever. Seriously, all of this happened and it wasn't stressful or frustrating or anything. Just pure happiness.
Definitely the best day of my life so far. 

Oh! And good news. B's bloody nose stopped right before we got sealed and came back right when he got into the dressing room. 
And I didn't even get a hot flash :)
The church is true and the book is blue, kids!

aaaaand, here's a video that B and I took right before heading into the temple :)
Complete with some background Chris Brown music for your entertainment. 


  1. They should have lil Temple Matron workers come pick us up at home.....then half of that wouldn't have happened :( sorry Rik!!! BUT.....it was a fantastic day fer shizzle!

    1. Haha lil' momma...no worries! It all makes for a good blog post and funny memories, love you!

  2. I will seriously never forget your mom calling me to ask me to bring the dress... And then two minutes later calling me to bring the recommend. Seriously made my day! You guys are the cutest fist pumping newlyweds I've ever seen :)

    1. We miss you guys! So jealous that my parents and kanik got to see you. You were a lifesaver that day!!! Hahaha so glad you were there to make up for all of all crazyiness that day.

  3. Haha, forgot the dress! :) I forgot my veil! I can't believe you were not stressed with all that. You are awesome and I am glad you had a perfect day! You looked absolutely gorgeous by the way!

  4. How is it that I just barely saw this?! You know this is the cutest post ever. Gosh I love you kids. :)

  5. Haha! I love these pictures, Riki! If I only had these pictures to judge, there was certainly no shortage of happiness that day. The first one with you two coming out of the temple really spoke of how pumped you both were. The photographer did a great job capturing that one. :)