April 18, 2013

THE save the date video.

One thing that I super wanted for our wedding was a legit video to be able to watch when we're 80 years old. 
So...we hired THIS chick because I L.O.V.E her work, aaaaand she's the cutest thing on planet earth. 
I'm not even kidding, she was so easy and fun to work with.
Luckily we got bomb weather in December...whaaat?
And our good friend Eric (who runs the canyon express up Provo Canyon), let us borrow his rad bus.
But getting ready for this little video shoot was a tad stressful...
What do we wear?
What backpack should we bring?
Do you even know how to drive a bus?
Are we even allowed to drive a bus?
I hope we don't look dumb on film. 
What dance moves should we do?
Is this too many bracelets?
Beanie or no beanie?
Crap, where the heck is my longboard?
Seriously you guys...we couldn't even decide what marshmellows to buy...there's like 20 different sizes these days! 
Not to mention, B's idea to bring a bunch of his shoes came at the last second. 
Did you know he keeps all his shoes in their boxes? 
We were hauling boxes like crazy people into the car, then into the bus, then we had to unpack them for the shoot, then line them up, then put them back in their correct boxes, then back into the bus. 
It was a shoe nightmare. 
But hey. 
It was totally worth it. 
We seriously had the best time shooting this thing and pretending like we were movie stars for a split second.
Can't wait to show this thing to all our kids and grandkids one day!
"mom...you wore hightop wedges??! Gross."
Jk...hopefully they'll think we're the coolest parents ever and then beg us to go longboarding with them.

Movie by: Haugen Creative
Music: Baby I'm Yours by Breakbot


  1. Cute and MAN that is a lot of shoes!!!!

    1. Seriously Auntie...we can't even keep all of his shoes in our little house because he has so many!!

  2. Cutest!! You guys are adorable. I love the vibe of this video too, it makes me happy. ha excellent job well done to the videographer.

    1. Thank you Haylee! Just checked out your blog...amazing. Newest Follower :)

  3. Ok, I am officially hooked!! ;) I ADORE your little blog, it is so cute with a dash of amazing-ness!! This video was such a great idea and so adorable!! I wish I thought to do something like this when I got married! I am a new follower via GFC & Bloglovin'! Excited to follow along! :) And that was pretty crazy all the shoes he had!! haha :)

    ps: you are gorgeous!


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