October 29, 2013

I'm a changed woman.

I hate you, but I love you. 
It's like I used to take pride in my ability to live a happy life without knowing how to cook, or be crafty or have a Pinterest account. 
But now, with a solid 3 hours of an afternoon alone on Tuesday before my sexy husband gets home...
I'm finding myself looking up recipes on Pinterest and actually cooking them for dinner. 
And doing gross stuff like grocery shopping, and cleaning, and being like a really good homemaker.
Even worse...I like it. 
I actually look forward to fetching Tuesdays.
So weird. I know. 
But I'm not very confident in my skills. 
I basically think I'm the worst cook alive if B doesn't get 12 servings and compliment dinner 20 times. 

Today for my Tuesday "put-Rik-out-of-her-comfort-zone" activity, I crafted. 
Check this out...
My good friend Kali, texted me this a couple of weeks ago...

We saw the exact same pic and had the exact same thought of re-creating it to save ourselves a whopping $780 buck-a-roos!

Luckily, Kali is like the craft master professional DIY-er of the universe. 
I couldn't have done this without her!
I was watching everything she did like a hawk to make sure I didn't botch my project. 
She's truly a saint. 
I need to be more like Kali. 
Maybe after 50,000 more Tuesdays??

I know, I know what you're thinking. 
I neeeeeed to start a lifestyle blog with a "yummy meals" and "DIY crafts" tab, ASAP. 
It's like I'm a changed woman. 

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