October 3, 2013

New month, new facelift.

Hey my little friendy friends!
New look. 
You like?
I love. 
Something about it is just refreshing. 
And I totally needed that. 
I've been wondering/questioning my blog lately. 
You know...how I want it to be and all. 
I've been completely ignoring collaboration and button swap emails. 
And for that...I'm so sorry!
It's just...I wasn't sure. 
I was getting sick of all the buttons on the side of my page. 
And frankly, I don't want my blog to be one of those that has a giveaway every 2 weeks. 
Not that it's bad. 
Just not really my vibe as of late.
I tried it for a little while, and then I realized that it just wasn't ME. 
It's like I was trying to sell my blog...you know that, "to enter, follow me on blog lovin'" crizapp. 
I don't like it. 
I want to be able to look back on my blog and see my life. 
Kind of like a journal. 
(For the world to see)
And if you like it and keep coming back to read, then great!
And if no one ever reads it and it's just me and my trusty blog when all is said and done, then awesome.
I know I'll treasure this little corner of the internet of mine for the rest of my life. 
No matter how many followers. 
Or comments. 
Or giveaways.
Or whatever. 

And as far as button swapping is concerned, I guess we can say it's still in full force. 
Kind of. 
I've created a "babes" page where all the lovely buttons I have acquired will go.
I love the idea of helping other bloggers out, and if putting your button on my blog helps your readership, then I want to help you out! DUH!
The only thing is, you don't have to grab my button. 
Only if you're dying to. 
So it's not really swapping I guess. 
So if you want your button on my "babes" page...just shoot me an email and I'll put it up there!
No questions asked.

So there's that. 
And who knows. 
Maybe I'll post a giveaway in a week that'll blow your socks off. 
So don't judge. 
We all change our minds, don't we women?!
But as of right now...this is feeling good. 
Really, really good!

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  1. Love it!!!
    You should be blogging for YOU in the first place... for it to make YOU feel good about this whole thing =)))
    So yay for new changes =)))

    1. Yay for new changes is right! Thanks baby!

  2. I LOVE the new look!! It's so clean and fresh, and the width is awesome!! Def be blogging for you and nothing else!! Love your blog girly!! :) xo!! And awesome idea for your (babes) page! :)

    1. Thank you Shio! It took a lot of time to freaking put together, so I'm glad you like it! love you!

  3. Love it, girl! It's so clean and fresh. It's important to write for yourself! readers want personal and real posts. It looks so great!

    1. Hey, coming from you, that means so much! Thanks kaylie baby!

  4. Love your blog! I know people from my blog now read yours because you are so awesome!