October 23, 2013

Just a few minor obsessions.

 1. I have an obsession with Blake. and taking pictures. and my new camera. 
I can't get enough. 
B's a gem for being my model. 
And KSL classifieds, I love you. You never disappoint. 

2. Blake has an obsession with nature. 
His latest? 
And did you know he looooooves moose?
I mean, I knew they were his favorite animal, 
but I was unware of his obsession until the following instances happened this last week...

#1) Going to Scheels and spending an unhealthy amount of time standing in front of a stuffed moose with him. 
#2) "I'm about to watch the saddest video of my life, Rik"
He presses the play button on YouTube.
Cue the moose hunters. 
Dead moose. 
Angry Blake. 

#3) "Rik...I read an article today about how the population of moose is decreasing."
"Oh really? That's horrible"
"Ya. So I called Yellowstone and the Central Division of Wild Life and the The Salt Lake Division of Wild Life to see why this is happening...I also called The State of Maine, but no one answered. They gave a biologist my number and he's gonna call me and let me know what I can do to help..."

Hahahaha! I died. 
Not because it's a bad thing.  
I just never knew the extend of his love for the moose!
Totally took me by surprise. 
I mean...how did he even know to call those people?!
And why Maine?!

With my new camera and nature loving husband, 
Provo Canyon seems to be our go-to place for awesome pics and awesome views. 
I mean, seriously. Provo Canyon, could you BE any more beautiful right now?!
You all need get up there. 
ASAP or sooner. 

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  1. how did you get the trees to line up in the pics of you and B separately?? very cool - king of Twilight'ish :) I LOVE the part about the Moose - B, he's so funny!

  2. So beautiful! And adorable. Looks like fun(: