October 26, 2013

Romania was a YEAR ago?!

As of late, I am constantly finding myself thinking about Romania. 
I miss it. 
More than I could ever really explain to you, or anyone for that matter. 
It is so special to my heart...
how does one put 3 months of intense emotion into words?!

I know that I keep thinking about it because this time last year, I was there. 
Days consisted of holding babies, forgetting to shower, living in scrubs, and eating weird food. 
I remember time was such a weird thing there!
I was wishing time would slow down so I could take it all in
But at the same time, I was counting down the days until I would see Blake again!!!
I missed him!

Oooohhhh Blake and I. 
That time was good...but hard for us. 
It's extremely difficult being away from someone you love so much, while simutaneously loving where you are. 
But I will tell you this. 
We became masters of all things skype, text, facebook, and email. 
And I could look at the time in Romania, and know exactly what time is was in Provo as well. 
I found these pictures of us on B's computer and it brought back a flood of memories of the countless hours spent on the computer with my babe. 
Wow I miss Romania. 
But I DO NOT miss that. 

What am I even saying here?
Good question. 
I'm not sure. 
I think what I want to say is that I miss Romania so bad. 
And I'm so grateful for the experience I had there.
(If any of you are debating an experience abroad....don't think, just go. 
It's life changing!)
But also, I'm glad to be home. 
And married to my homie, Blake. 
I can't believe a year ago we were thousands of miles away...and now we're all old and married.
Time...you're such a crazy loco. 

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And to all my Romanian babies...I hope you're happy and being taken care of. 
You are so special and I think about you everyday.
Ah man...I'm getting all teary eyed right now. 
I swear, I'm bringing Blake to come meet you one day. 
Even if it's in that big ol' awesome place called heaven, woot woot!
See ya lates, muh babes!


  1. i'm sure it was fun and the experience I'm sure was the best. I'm sure blake will love it just like you did. pinkowl07.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for the little message!! I emailed you about it a while ago and I'm applying!!! It's been decided.. haha :) I just want to go right now! It sounds so amazing.