October 9, 2013

To the girls out there.

I know, I know...I already blogged today.
And I'm supposed to be studying for a massive test right now. 
But in my procrastination...I came across this video.
And I had this burning need to write down all my feelings.
So here you go.

For some reason, this video just really strikes home with me.
It is something that I feel SO powerfully for and it's a message that I feel needs to be conveyed and understood by every. single. woman out there. 
Especially young girls. 
While I was watching it, I was thinking about all the girls that I teach dance to. 
It made me tear up!
I love every one of them so much, I can't even explain to you. 
They are so precious and dear to my heart and I want to be an example of love to them in everyway that I can. 
Why? Because I feel like the world we live in is so unkind. 
I see the drama, the over-confidence, the under-confidence, the lack of self-esteem, and the emotional things that girls experiences in their lives. 
I see the negative effects that instagram, facebook, and twitter are having on these girls and it breaks my heart. 
Their worth and value is not based on how many likes, or followers, or friends they have. 
Yet somehow, society is drilling into their heads that that is what is important in today's day. 
You know what's worse? I see myself falling into that trap. Over and over. 
I feel like I'm important when I get over 200 likes on a picture...and then I realize how ridiculous that is.
I'm basing my worth on empty things!
Things that will mean absolutely nothing one day. 
It's a false measurement of who I am and my real importance. 
Yet somehow...it's the measurement most girls measure themselves by. 
GAH! all of that is so empty and so unimportant

But do you know what I think is important?
Maybe the most important?
Being nice. 
Simple as that. 

Last week I was watching one of my dance classes warm-up and I got the sudden urge to tell them how important they were. 
So...like an old-woman-grandma-lady, I stopped the class and told them how much I loved them. 
And somehow, it turned into me telling them to stay sweet and to stay nice
I believe so intensely that the world needs more nice people. 
and I also believe that the world loves nice people.
The world doesn't need more fashion blogs. 
The world doesn't need more twitter accounts to follow. 
The world doesn't any more girls with low self-esteem!
The world needs more nice. 

If you want true and lasting friends? Be nice. 
If you want to be loved? Be nice. 
If you want to be remembered? Be nice. 
If you want to be happy? Be nice. 

I remember when I was in High School, I came home very bugged, distraught, and hurt because of a few girls I went to school with. 
So I vented to my dad. 
And he told me something that I have always always remembered. 
In sum he said, "don't be bothered by the little people". 
What's a little person you ask?
That person who gossips, talks bad, puts you down to lift themselves up, teases, and someone who doesn't see your value or worth past your clothes, your number of friends, or your instagram likes.
Little people aren't nice. 
and you know what's sad?
We are surrounded by little people. 
You know what's the saddest?
Little people influence our lives more than they should be able to. 

So to all you girls out there reading this, please know you are so important.
And not because you're popular, or because you're hot, or because you have over 500 followers on Twitter. 
You're important for things much more valuable and long-lasting than that. 
And also, don't be a little person, there are too many of those out there. 
But more importantly, don't let little people define your worth. 
And most importantly, remember to be nice. 
Truly and sincerely nice. 
To me, being nice makes you a big person. 
The biggest, happiest, most confident person you could ever be. 

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  1. Love your words here, thank you for sharing!

  2. absolutely love your blog. and this post. now following you. :) ciao!
    love, taylor


  3. Mmmmmmm.....love you my baby girl. Thanks for your words but most importantly (evidently we like that phrase) thank you for your example :) MUAH!!!!!

  4. Love this post! You are awesome. Wish Gracie was taking dance from you!