October 27, 2013

Welcome to the world, baby Carolyn!

First, let me say that I am NOT a professional photographer. 
Nor do I think I am. At all.
I am sooooo not!!!
But, if people ask me to take some piccys for them...no way am I gonna turn them down!
Who doesn't want to take pics of adorable kiddos?
So enjoy some very non-professional, rookie status pictures of some very cute nuggets whom I'm lucky enough to call my cousins.
And welcome to the world, baby Carolyn!

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  1. your pictures were good. I feel the same way. but still folks tell me I always take good pics. my mom has faith in me when I take pics and she always tells me I need to do pics professionally. I'd love to but I cant get too far just taking pics of the dog LOL


  2. i'm impressed! still trying to figure out my camera. it's like sometimes you get an amazing picture and think you finally understand it and then bam you start sucking again. ha! we should go shoot together sometime to you can teach me your skills.