October 8, 2013

THE Summer Groomals. (Stephanie Pass Photography)

This summer, Blake and I had the amazing opportunity to work with Stephanie Pass Photography.
Isn't she amazing!
I seriously love these pictures so much. 
And I'm gonna say it! Even more so than the actual wedding groomals we paid an arm and a leg for. (!)
Don't get me wrong, I love love love Alixann Loosle's work. 
But something about the weather (so cold) and the location that we used, didn't really have B or I going crazy over our piccys. 
But these ones? I LOVE!
I'm obsessing over the scenery and how hot my babe looks. 
And for some reason, I feel like my dress just looks so much better in summer-y nature than it did next to those white walls and white snow-covered hills.
So all I'm saying is this. 
If you are in need of an awesome photographer for your wedding (or any event..check out Stephanie Pass
She's good you guys. So so good!

(and as I'm writing this...I'm all like, "whoa, sound like a sponsored post much?!". It's not you guys! I promise. She didn't tell me to do this. At all! I'm just so happy with these pictures and want to share her goodness with the world...Okay?!)

Also. An overload of pictures never hurt nobody. I couldn't narrow. I tried. 

Also. I made that hair piece. 
and I cook more now. 
and clean. 
It's like I don't even know who I am anymore. 

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  1. You are beautiful and I love the scenery in your photos! So classy.


  2. Obsessed with the hair piece. Seriously.

    1. Dude. Most stressful thing ever. But it turned out! I'm glad you like it :) Love you!

  3. WHERE did you get your dress!?!?!?! SO CUTE I can hardly stand it.

    1. I actually got it from Macys.com. Crazy huh?! But I made a bunch of alternations and added lace to it and everything. But thanks so much!! It's just sitting in my closet if you need it for any special event :)

  4. Your dad and I made a very beautiful child *sigh* :0)

    1. Mom...you're sweet. It's because you and dad are so darn good lookin.

  5. These are so beautiful! I love Stephanie's work! Where were they taken? We are doing family pictures in a few weeks and scouting out some good spots!

    1. Joelle, she is amazing huh?! She was actually our neighbor for a little bit and I love her. This place is called Cascade Springs! It's seriously beautiful with tons of little waterfalls and everything. I would totally recommend going there! It's about an hour away from Provo.