October 3, 2013

The R+B series PART I: How we met.

Welcome, kids! To the start of the R+B series...
This little idea sparked from a ton of questions asking about me and Blake's history.
It's pretty long...even drama filled. So I decided to break it up into parts.
Here's Part I: How Blake and Riki Met.
Hope you stay for awhile!
And just as a disclaimer, this is how iiiii see the story...B's version may be a little different, but since it's my blog and not his...I'm telling my side of the stories, girl emotions and all. Mmmmkay pumpkin?!

So, here we go!
Listen up.
B and I grew up less than a mile away from each other.
Grew up in the same stake.
Knew the same people.
Had the same friends.
We even went to Provo High School together in 2006.
But literally, we didn't know each other, at all.

I claim it's because I looked like this as a Freshman...(yowza)
And he looked like this as a Senior...
(so hot! and just way too cool for me)

But B claims that it was God's hand in our marriage because if I would have known him in High School, I wouldn't have wanted to date him...or marry him for that matter.

Either way...it's bizarre that we never remember seeing each other.
Bizarre I tell you.

So fast forward to my Senior year in high school.
I would hear the name "Blake Sanford" alllllll time.
Like, "Blake Sanford is coming home from his mission! AHH!"
Or, "I'm speaking at his homecoming and I'm so scared because they'll be a ton of people there."
Or, "I totally kissed Blake Sanford this weekend."
Or, "Have you seen Sky's older brother...he's so hot."

and I'm all, "who the freak-a-leak is Blake Sanford?!"

So one day in December of 2009, I'm at the mall with my brother (who is friends with Blake) and we are shopping at the Vans store for some Christmas presents.
This sexy man comes up to my brother and they're all hugging and the word "dude!" is flying and there are fist pumps and bro hugs and more "dude's".
It was Mr. Blake. Of course.
And he was just fresh off his mission, like fresher than wet paint, fresh.
and finally my bro introduced us to each other.
I was totally that awkward younger sister, just standing there like a weirdo.
Probably blushed when the hot RM said hi to me and that's about it.
But it was all totally clicking in my head.
Like, Ohhhhh, YOU'RE the one that has my friends going bonkers over your sweet kisses :)
But I also remember thinking that he was sooooo cute!
So after we left, Ry told me that Blake wanted muh digits, and I was secretly flattered.
But, I was dating another boy at the time who I was just smitten by, so I honestly didn't even give Blake a second thought after that.

And that's the overly romantic story of how we met.
See you soon for part II: The friendship days.

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  1. =)))))))))))))
    You made me smile all along reading this post =))))
    By the way, where did he serve his mission?


    1. I'm glad you liked it! He served his mission in the New York City South mission!