October 18, 2013

Month 9.

Part of me is like, where did the time go?
Nine months is speedy quick!
Pregnancy ain't got nothing on me.

And there's this part of me that is like, only nine months?!
I swear we've been sleeping in the same bed for the last 12 years!!!

So that's something. 

But let me tell you this. 
Marriage is hard. 
Oh what?? You've never heard that before?
I know, it's like this blog of mine is so inspiring and eye opening. 
But really...especially those first couple of months. 
It's so flippin' emotional.
It's like, 
I'm excited that I'm married. 
Frustrated because he isn't checking in with me every 5 minutes.
So in love.
Stressed becasue, you know, money money money.
Crying all the time...hello birth control (you little fetcher). 
But just so happy, too!
And don't forget those dang "discussions" that just naturally come with figuring out your new life together. 

Does ANYONE know what I'm talking about?!

Well, if not, what I'm trying to say is this. 
Marriage has been great all 9 months. 
But I'm finding that the more we have been married, the better it is. 
Month 9 has been better than month 1 ever was. 
I think it's cuz we're settling into marriage. 
We know each other. 
And while we don't have the system perfect, 
we're a whole lot more familiar with it than we were 9 months ago.
I feel like we're enjoying life now, instead of trying to figure it out.  
So month 9...I love you so much. 
You literally have been the most fun and the most not emotional. 

^^ and you boy, up there!...I love you so much. 

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  1. Those are great pictures. Looks like you are a real photographer and not just one who points and shoots with the ready made default settings. Impressive.

    1. Ah! Thank you! We are trying really hard...I'm serious. We just got a new camera and we are SOOOO rookie at it. But we like to pretend like we know what we are doing...so your comment made us feel so great!! Love you lady, thanks so much!

  2. jessica lewis eastwoodOctober 18, 2013 at 8:05 PM

    I get what you're saying riki. Four months in and it's always an adventure. The best way I've come to explain married life is that it's real. It has ups and downs and twists, but you wouldn't have it any other way with any other person.

    1. You're seriously so right! It's not exactly fairytale all the time, eh? But I don't think I would like it that way...the realness is what keeps it fun and interesting! I hope you and your hubby are doing well! I swear, I haven't seen you in FOREVER!!!!

  3. I laughed when you wrote that "pregnancy ain't got nothin on you". Just wait my dear friend. It's definitely not like the first 9 months of marriage :).

    1. Pahahahaha! My sarcasm is gonna come and bite me in the butt someday quick. I love you Lala! You and your growing family are too dang cute to handle. Makes me want a babes!!

  4. "you little fetch," bahaha. I died.

    1. I thought of worse names in my head...but deemed them inappropriate ;)

  5. great pics and its awesome the chemistry and bond you too have. you'll make great parents and all. Im just sure of it. best of luck to you all. come visit me and say hello pinkowl07.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks so much! We super excited to be parents and all...just not for a long time!! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I look back at my first 6th months of marriage and laugh at how emotionally crazy it was, and I was not on birth control. It only gets better. Oh, and the mountains... wow so colorful love the pictures.

    1. I seriously was/am an emotional wreck. I'm just like, is every woman like this?! It's crazy loco. But seriously...aren't the mountains unreal. We can't stay away! We go up the canyon whenever we can!

  7. I'm a year and a half into marriage and the craziness and emotional moments definitely go away! I don't know if your body just learns how to deal with birth control, but that's what it feels like. haha and then it's easier to learn how to live with a guy after that.

    ps I'm a stranger, kelsey's sister-in-law. But your blog is adorable!