October 22, 2013

The R+B Series PART II: The Friendship Days.

So we met at Vans in 2009.
Had some run-ins with each other at random places like Costa Vida and Timpview High School where we'd chat up a storm like we'd been friends for forever. 
I continued to date that other boy until he left on his mission beginning of August 2010. 
and B and I had our first date exactly 2 weeks later. 
I know what you're thinking. 
Whoa Rik...two weeks later?
I know. 
But Lover Boy here was persistent I tell you. 
I remember I kept pushing back our date because I felt guilty for going out so soon after mission boy left! 
So...our first date. 
We went to Inception and Cold Stone.
Can you say, roooomaaaantic?!
haha! It wasn't. 
Just FUN.
And check it. 

Our movie tickets are hanging up in our kitchen right this second!
How we managed to keep these?
It will be the mystery of the universe for forever.
Anyway, we ended up staying at Cold Stone for a few hours just talking.
I still remember some of the stuff he told me, like...
"I can't eat yogurt with a metal spoon...strictly plastic"
and something about short nails being a must. 
And is it super pathetic that I remember exactly what he wore? a white tee, a light grey jacked with sweet wrist cuffs and these jeans that had lime green and orange stitching.
Boy had style, had to give em that. 
And he was hot. 
Wow, so HOT!

Here's a legit journal entry after our first date. 

"For the date, we went to go see Inception. He hadn't seen it yet and I told him how amazing it was, so it seemed like a good idea. Afterwards, we went to cold stone and got some icecream. It was so fun. Seriously he and I could just talk for hours and that's what we did - just talked and talked for the rest of the night. I really like Blake, he makes me laugh. But only as a friend. He's kind of a hooker, plus we're going to different colleges - so we'll see how long this lasts."

As a disclaimer: I called everyone a hooker who had kissed more than 2 people. Okay, exaggeration, but I was a pure, innocent person back then, and Blake was a flirt. Therefore, a hooker. 
Also. "plus we're going to different colleges". 
What the what, Rik?
That excuse doesn't work when your schools are literally 5 minutes away from each other. 
Oh, what a young rookie I was. 

Now listen up. 
I was 100% positive that I was going to marry mission boy. 
Like SO set on it. 
And I made that super clear to Mr. B-man from the get-go. 
But for some reason, after our first date, he just kept sticking around.

Oohhhhh...here we are. 
Stadium Terrace Apt. #25. 
Both our freshman years in college. 
Me at BYU. 
Him at UVU. 
We hung out all the time. 
Literally just hung out. 
Sometimes we'd go on dates...Oh what up Sundance Moonlift Ride on opposite sides of the lift. 
Sometimes we'd watch movies together with lots of pillows or a roommate between us. 
We'd go get ice cream a lot. 
He'd hang out at Stadium Terrace with me a lot. 
We'd do homework together a lot. 
He'd tell me all about his women prospects a lot. 
We'd flirt a lot. 
But I never ever let anything happen between us. 
Like one night, he hugged me a little bit longer than our usual, "see ya lates!" hug. 
I freaked. 

*Cue Journal Entry*
"I think Blake really likes me. Last night he came over and when he left we hugged for a really long time. He rubbed my back and even picked me up! Sounds cute right? But I didn't feel a thing. Nothing."

Now this is important. 
I'm not trying to sound vain. 
Buuuuut B wanted me. 
And I don't even feel bad for being all vain-like. 
You know why?
There comes a part (later on in the story) where I wanted him SOOOO bad and he just wasn't having it. 
Yup, karma's a beezy, kids!
So, just let me bask in this memory where I was 100% in control, okay?!

So back to the story, remember how I had big plans of marrying my missionary boy? 
Well that's basically why our friendship period lasted so dang long. 
And why I freaked out anytime B got remotely romantic and cute-sie. 

But I honestly can't complain.
I think he figured out how "friend-zoned" he was at this time and things just got chill between us.  
We got to know each other so well! 
And we loved being with each other. 
I remember he'd come stop by my house just to say hi before going to do his "date thing" with the other chickies. 
Or I'd call him over so I could complain to him about some stupid guys I went on dates with. 
It's like we were BFFs. 
I'm serious. 
We told each other everything. 
And I loved it. 
But, now that I think about it, there were times where we wouldn't hangout at all. 
It's like we would hang out a lot for a long time, and then not hangout, and then go back to hanging out. 
Sounds a little rollercoaster-ish to me. 
Uh. No. 
Wait till you get Part III: our dating days.
Prepare yourself for the most drama, bi-polar, "dating" story you've ever heard. 
Well, maybe I'll save you from alllllll the details. 
We'll see how I'm feeling. 

Until then, enjoy basking in our friendship days and my lame journal entries as a little 18-year old. 
("...plus, we go to different schools."
Oh gooooosh.)

Oh, and B wants to say something...
Yeah, she can call them "friend days" all she wants but I was just keeping my foot in the door for when she finally got over her missionary that she was "definitely going to marry".  But until that day came I had to play it cool and just be friends with her.  But I do remember pulling up next to her one night while driving with my dad.  She was stopped next to us at the light and I said hey dad, see the girl in that jeep? I'm going to date her one day.  But I had to wait my time.

Have to give it to him...boy played this one very nicely (seeing as we're now married).
What a guy. What a guy.

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